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Stackable Industry Certificates


Stackable Industry and Educational Certificates – Students can also take as part of their pathway a series of courses that will lead to industry recognized certificates in different technical areas.  The U.S. Department of Labor defines stackable certificates as “a sequence of certificates that can be accumulated over time to build up an individual’s qualifications and help them to move along a career pathway or up a career ladder to different and potentially higher paying jobs.”


All students will have access to earning these certificates, whether they are in the AA, AS, or AAS pathways. 


For Stackable Educational Certificates, students only need to successfully complete a series of credit-bearing courses to earn the following certificates;


  • NetworkingIT Fundamentals
  • (dot).net Programing
  • BIM/CAD (Building Information Modeling)
  • Electronic Technology
  • Programmable Logic Control


 Stackable Industry Certificates require students to complete credit-bearing courses and pass a standardized industry exam.  Students will be required to pay for any industry exam attempted.  The Early Colleges are supporting the following Stackable Industry Certificates:


  • CCENT Certification – Cisco
  • Security+ Certification – CompTIA
  • A+ certification – CompTIA
  • Internet Business Associate (IBA) – CIW 
  • Network Technology Associate (NTA) – CIW


For More Information of Stackable Certificates click HERE.