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What do 4 Years at the Early College Look Like? Are There Other College Courses My Child Can Take Through RCCC South Campus?


Below are links to our Course/Degree Sequences. These charts within these links provide an outline all four years of the early college experience.
The Early College course sequences are designed to give students the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree in 4 years. While the goal is to graduate in 4 years with an associate degree, we realize that different students progress at different rates for various reasons; some students are required to take remedial courses before taking credit bearing college courses, some students might struggle with a college class, or some students want a reduced course load.   Regardless of the reason, students at the Early College do have a 5th year option we call the Super Senior Year.  This additional time offers students the opportunity to catch up or spread out the college course load over 5 years.
The Early College offers course sequences for the following associate degrees and students will be able to access all the programs regardless of which Early College they are assigned.  Students will decide to pursue the AA or AS degree during the second semester of their sophomore year.

Associate of Arts (AA) – The AA program emphasizes liberal arts and is intended for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university. This degree program offers courses comparable to the freshman and sophomore levels at four-year colleges and universities.


Associate of Arts Course Sequence



Associate of Applied Science (AAS)-The AAS degree is a technical degree where the college classes are geared toward a specialty area so that students acquire the specific skills needed for an entry-level position.  Students with an AAS degree can enroll in a four-year college/university; however, some of the courses may not transfer.


RCCC Applied Sciences Degree Programs


Information Technology
Prepares students to work in the IT fields of software development, information systems, cybersecurity, and networking.


Electronic Engineering Technology
Prepares students to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in electrical maintenance and management or in the design, planning, construction, development, and installation of electrical systems, machines, and power generating equipment.


Construction Management Technology
Prepares students to supervise, manage, and inspect construction sites, buildings, and associated facilities.


Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology
Prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills to diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul light duty diesel vehicles.


Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology
Prepares students with basic knowledge to develop the skills necessary to work with residential and light commercial HVAC/Rsystems.


Electrical Systems Technology
Prepares students in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems found in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. 


Motorsports Management Technology
Prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform mid-management level functions in motorsports related companies.



What Other College Courses are Available for My Child to Take?


Where there are electives noted on the attached course sequence charts, students have some flexibility. There are Art Appreciation, Music, The History of Rock Music, Theater Appreciation and additional academic courses like Astronomy, Physics, Quantitative Literacy and Cultural Studies. Some of the classes are offered on other RCCC campuses, but most are offered on our campus, which is the RCCC South Campus


Associate of Arts Degree :

Associate of Science Degree :

Associate of Applied Science: